Our Staff

Meet The Team

Kevin Pine, Owner

Kevin brings 27 years of experience to Kitchen Bath Plus. When he was 19 he started as a warehouseman and was quickly moved onto the showroom floor by his manager at the time.  Kevin managed a showroom in the bay area before moving to Fresno in 1990. His first Kitchen Bath Plus showroom was 800sq.ft. in S.E. Fresno. In 1996 he moved the showroom to Cedar and Gettysburg, and in 2005 Kitchen Bath Plus moved to their current 5000sq.ft. showroom in N.E. Fresno. Kevin is passionate about jetted tubs, is married and has two lovely daughters.

Kevin Pine, store owner


Honorina Emler, Sales

Honorina specializes in hardware and plumbing and has experience in door hardware.  “I’ve been trained by some real ‘high-tech’ people in the past. If you need to repair door hardware, relocate or repair anything, I would love to help.”


Honorina Elmer, Sales


David Serban, Handyman

David is the go-to guy for everything. He’s a repairman and there is nothing that he can’t fix. He started at Kitchen Bath Plus in June of 2006, after being a Marine technician for 32 years. While he misses working outdoors, he loves helping people.


David Serban, Handyman


Matthew Ghianazzi, Sales

Matthew has been working with kitchen bath plus for the last eight months. He started in the warehouse and has been promoted to sales recently. He has a 1 year old daugher and is planning to get married in May.


Matthew Ghianazzi, Sales


Lindsey Haun